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How We Work at TLG Gutter Wales

Step 1:

The house is scaffolded with our own equipment wherever possible. If there are conservatories or access is limited by outhouses etc then there will be a charge for specialized scaffolding or delays in erecting our own access equipment.

TLG Gutter Wales - Erecting scaffolding

Step 2:

The gutters are then removed with a saw - level with the front of the existing walls of the house.

TLG Gutter Wales - Removing old gutters

Step 3:

Treated timber is then fitted to carry the PVC fascia boards and small soffits which have a deeper return above the windows to marry into them.

TLG Gutter Wales - Fitting timber for PVC fascia boards

Step 4:

A vent is fitted to the top of the fascia board to comply to latest BBA specification. Read article.

The felt is repaired with eavesguard designed by us and made from recycled plastic from window frame manufacturers this has the same life and uv protection as PVC windows.

TLG Gutter Wales - Fitting vent

Step 5:

Where required birdguard is fitted to below the tiles to prevent access of birds for nesting. On many houses there are a row of rosemary tiles cemented to the lowest row of tiles and this may cause a number of tiles to break when they are removed. We will replace these tiles with new and sort them so that the new tiles are on the rear of the house.

TLG Gutter Wales - Fitting birdguard

Step 6:

Aluminium gutter is roll formed on site to the lengths required (max 25 metre) This is then fitted to BBA specification (The paint carries a 30 yr guarantee) There are no joints so you cannot have any leaks. The gutter carries twice the volume of water that plastic square gutter carries. Downpipes are plastic but Aluminium are available for an additional cost. Learn more about our Aluminium gutters.

TLG Gutter Wales - Fitting aluminium gutter

Step 7:

As we work all the old gutters etc are put into a Skip so no rubble is left lying around.

TLG Gutter Wales - Removing old gutter from site

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