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TLG Gutter Wales - Health & Safety Policy

General Statement of Intent


The Owner/Manager of TLG Gutter regards the promotion and implementation of health and safety measures as a mutual objective for management and employees at all levels.


The Owner/Manager of TLG Gutter is responsible, so far as is reasonably practicable, for the health and safety at work of all employees under his control, providing them with any necessary training and keeping them informed of any relevant health and safety matters.


The Owner/Manager of TLG Gutter will provide a positive lead in organising health and safety activities, using the best available knowledge and methods and providing whatever resources are necessary to achieve the required standards.


The Owner/Manager of TLG Gutter will act in an advisory capacity to provide information and guidance on health and safety matters and will investigate accidents and dangerous occurrences and recommend remedial action where required.


The prevention of accidents is essential to both good management and workmanship, requiring full co-operation between the owner/manager of TLG and its employees.


Under Section 7 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, employees are under a legal obligation to co-operate fully with the owner/manager of TLG by keeping their workplaces safe for themselves and others, using personal protective equipment, following the company safety rules and regulations, by undertaking the required training and reporting any hazardous conditions to the owner/manager of TLG.


Health and Safety Structure


The Owner/Manager of TLG shall:-

Supervise the company health and safety programme.
Regularly conduct on site inspections to ensure the programme is being complied with, and make recommendations directly to the employees concerned in relation to health and safety matters, and where necessary ensure these recommendations are implemented.
Monitor the action on all work necessary to ensure health and safety practices and actions are being carried out and findings reported back as appropriate.
Arrange adequate material and publicity for the health and safety programme.
Investigate all accidents and recommend corrective action
Inspect new and unusual equipment and procedures for potential hazardous
Recommend any necessary safety rules
Inspect and investigate all site layouts before they are commissioned.


Company Employees shall:-

Make themselves familiar with the safety manual.
Observe and conform to all safety rules at all times.
Wear appropriate safety clothing, safety equipment and use appropriate devices at all times.
Conform to all advice given by the owner/manager of TLG or other health and safety advisors employed in an advisory capacity.
Report all accidents and damage to the owner/manager of TLG whether persons are injured or not.
Make suggestions to improve the health and safety on any site where work has been commissioned
Report all hazards to the owner/manager of TLG


Health and Safety Arrangements

The Owner/Manager of TLG shall ensure:-

All employees are briefed and adhere to any health and safety regulations as set out by the client.
Inspection and testing of all equipment to be used on the client’s property.
That all employees are trained and competent in the areas of work they will be conducting
That where appropriate, records of the above are updated and Maintained on file.

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