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TLG Gutter Wales - Method Statement

Project: Finlock Gutter Removal and P.V.C Fascias and Aluminium Gutter Replacement
Contractor: TLG Gutters
Method Type: See Method Statement

Method Statement

All employees will comply with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and all other relevant health and safety legislation; our own safety policy, risk assessments and method statement, together with any specified site rules where applicable from the client concerned.

This method statement covers the day-to-day details of carrying out work as a Finlock Gutters removal and PVC replacement operator, and assumes that the operator is working as a principle contractor for the client. However, due to the varied nature of the site conditions, the type of work and materials to be used must be considered prior to the work commencing. A risk assessment of the site specific conditions must be conducted, and if found to be different from those included in this statement, a supplement to this statement may be added.

1. Description of Work

Removal of concrete cast guttering (Finlock Gutters) and replacement of these with P.V.C Fascias and aluminium gutters, complete with down pipes.


2. Access

The area from the house front and back is to be cordoned off to 3 metres.
‘Macc’ Scaffold to be erected on the front and back of the house to the Manufacturers Specifications.
‘Youngman’ walkways (600mm wide) to be used.
Safety rails and kick boards will be fitted to prevent items from falling from the scaffolding at height.
Alternatively professional scaffold will be erected by a subcontractor to the clients specification.

2.1. Removal of Finlock Gutters

Safety harnesses will be attached to rafters in case of falls when using the ‘diamond cutter’. The cutting ‘diamond saw’ is to have all its guards in place and the ‘safe system of work’ for this machinery will be followed. Safety fittings are to be to the manufacturers’ specifications. Breathing apparatus is to be used when cutting, and this apparatus will be renewed every 28 days. Records of use and renewal to be kept in the on site works vehicle. Ear Muffs are to be used when using the ‘diamond cutter’, in line with the Noise at Work Regulations. All concrete removed with the ‘diamond cutter’ will be lowered to the ground in an enclosed container by means of a rope pulley. A skip will be placed on site for the waste materials to be contained and removed when the job is completed  

2.2. P.V.C Replacement Fitting

Fitters are trained by Mustang in all safety requirements. P.V.C Fascias and Aluminium Gutters are passed from the ground to the fitter on the scaffolding and fitted as per their Standard Operating Procedure. Two trestles with 600mm walkways to be erected with fitted safety rails for the fitting of the down pipes. The down pipe will be screwed into the wall with brackets.

3. Supervision, Control and Monitoring

All work on site will be controlled by the on-site trade foreman, who will ensure that all the safe systems of work as outlined in this method statement are complied with, and that all equipment and work platforms are inspected prior to use. The foreman will liaise with the client regarding any additional health and safety issues arising whilst on the job.

4. Operator Training

All operators will comply with any site specific safety inductions as laid out by the client.
All operators at TLG are deemed competent in the tasks they conduct through training conducted at TSM Fascia and Gutter Company, and through previous experience. No trainees will be allowed to operate on this particular site.
All electrical equipment will be CE marked, and visually checked prior to being used. Scaffolding will also be checked for wear and tear and used only where deemed to be of certified standard.

5. Safety of Third Parties

All employees of TLG will be made aware during the site induction of any risks their work may impose on others in the vicinity they are to conduct the work. Adequate controls will be put in place prior to the commencement of work, to ensure adequate protection to the health, safety and welfare of others.

6. Environmental Controls

Where reasonably possible, every effort will be made by TLG to ensure that noise, dust and waste levels are kept to a minimum and do not cause a hazard or become a nuisance to others. The work area will be tidied regularly and waste will be removed from the site following completion of the work.

7. Emergency Procedures

Operators will always work in pairs to ensure that the buddy system is in place in the event of an emergency. All operators are aware of the emergency number to contact in the event of an accident, and all near misses and first aid incidents will be called through to the owner/manager of TLG as soon as is reasonably possible. A first aid kit is available within each operator vehicle. Additional First Aid/emergency requirement may be organised at the clients’ request.

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